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Founded in 1982, William Dunk Partners, Inc. is a management consulting firm and an investor relations counselor.  The partners closely advise business owners and CEOs of major corporations and technology start-ups ranging from $1 million to $90 billion in sales, located in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Among the issues William Dunk Partners address are corporate strategy, high-level executive development, and corporate marketing to investors, customers, and other key audiences.  The firm works to raise revenues, profits, and share prices, while elevating the corporate reputations of the executives and companies with which they are allied.

The firm has offices in New York, Dallas, San Francisco, and Chapel Hill.  Its staff of 18 is located in the United States and in Europe.

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About William P. Dunk

Management consultant and investor-relations adviser William P. Dunk is widely known for his “Annual Report on Annual Reports,” a yearly exercise that has generated considerable national media attention since he began it in 1982.  The late Louis Rukeyser devoted a news column to it each year.  1982 was the same year Dunk founded William Dunk Partners.  Today the firm boasts a staff of 18 divided among New York, Dallas, San Francisco and Chapel Hill, which is where Dunk himself has been since 1996. Dunk’s goal has been to forge the most creative management consulting firm in America, and creativity in business is his central theme.  He contends that with the advent of the 21st century,  business has become radically different and that all enterprises, big and small, need to break away from the 20th-century practices that made businesspeople slow moving and walled companies away from global trends.


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