We have created a corporate finance advisory service for chief executives and their teams to solve two big shareholder value problems:






To make sure CEOs realize their goals, we:


  1. Assist in deal structuring and negotiations with a full understanding of the motivations and typical behavior of the other parties at the table. 
  2. Prepare, review transaction valuations, perhaps the most critical ingredient in financings, investor relations, M&A negotiations, restructuring plans and management of the Board of Directors. 
  3. Help select and manage investment bankers to ensure ongoing responsiveness and performance of the designated principals at the banking firm. 
  4. Create a deal flow of either acquisitions or divestments by intense communications with both intermediaries and principals. 
  5. Develop offshore partnerships that will heighten the global competitiveness of our clients in Europe, China, and SE Asia. 
  6. Develop financial plans, financial structures, modeling, and planning and reporting processes. 
  7. Develop strategic plans, and strategic planning and review processes. 
  8. Train in-house financial personnel to better deal with the challenges of the external financial environment. 
  9. Assist management in overcoming the challenging hurdles of the acquisition integration, organizational development, or restructuring process.
  10. Ensure compliance with current corporate governance practices for both public and private companies.   Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory initiatives now influence all corporate activities and lack of compliance can delay transactions such as acquisitions, divestments, initial public offerings, etc. 

Our client mandate, which is tailored to each client’s particular needs, typically involves an appropriate combination of one or more of the above services.




Our partners are seasoned, successful advisors and executives with a deep background in finance, strategy and operations.  A key strength of our organization is our personal access to a network of senior contacts across numerous industry segments and functional disciplines.  We have a clear and distinct bias to bring independent and candid input to effectively advance our clients’ agendas.  Our principals each bring more than 30 years experience to our client assignments.  We combine senior corporate management experience with deep knowledge of the international financial marketplace.




We are compensated by a combination of reasonable retainers and transaction success fees.  The basic philosophy of our compensation ensures that unless we are specifically engaged to execute a near-term task for either our client or their shareholders, we are not short-term-deal oriented.  We seek to work for our clients every day and every month, and we are vitally interested in our clients’ long-term returns.