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We believe that the value of hiring an investor relations firm accrues over the long-term.  So it must view its work strategically.  That means it should think about your long-term and how it can match its activities to your corporate strategy.  Conversely, it should not seek short-term blips in stock performance or investor visibility that will punish your company over the long haul.  With these thoughts in mind, here is what we offer to our clients:

1. We have a track record dating back to 1970 in a wide variety of industries. Smart investors, who are on top of your industry, are sensitive to return on capital, capital structure, and lines of distribution.  We will able to help you think through industry issues, because we’ve dealt with a wide spectrum of companies.

2. We help formulate coherent plans for balancing institutional, retail and international ownership.  Without balance, the stock will suffer unduly in certain cycles.  This has been particularly true over the last decade.

3. We document our activities with regular reports that provide detail about contact with actual investors. Every month you get very specific feedback.

4. We help you handle the tough news. Anybody can look good in good times, but bad times show mettle.

5. We promise a wealth of cost-saving ideas such as recorded investor lines, limited news release dissemination, mini-investor fact-books, etc. We will also point out those things one should not do.

6. We suggest unusual tactics that the firm can implement to improve performance—prestige Board members, financial policy discussion, strong investment banker, etc.

7. We direct you to chief executives and major investors who can detail how we get the job done.

8. We offer over thirty years of experience.

9. We will move well past the run-of-the-mill group investor meetings and press release processing. These are relatively low value activities which you can perform internally.

10. We boast of a dedicated and experienced staff. Each member has worked in investor relations or investment activities for at least a decade.

11. We execute targeted press relations directed at high-profit, low risk outlets. Naturally, we will keep you on message.

12. We’ve got a clear game plan.  We promise good writing and clear thinkers. This is particularly important so that we can help make sure you are hitting the nail on the head.

13. We don’t want to monopolize your time. Growth companies have to husband their management resources. Thus, we will provide maximum benefit while taking up a minimal amount of your time.

14. We propose objective standards of stock performance—stock price, 13 F institutional growth, volatility standards, or whatever is appropriate for the company at this stage.  Our success is not merely tied to the quantity of our activities—meetings, press insertions, etc. It is linked to performance.

15. We are as concerned about your reputation as your stock price. We will help build your reputation.

16. We pride ourselves on our ethics. We believe that you will find our references to be respectable and honest, vouching for our integrity and service quality.  We will comport ourselves in a way that will enhance your reputation.

17. Simply put: we know the ropes in related areas—graphics, marketing, SEC disclosure, etc.

18. We have an Internet strategy that provides in-depth, perceptive content geared for long-term investors. Likewise, we have a distribution strategy to “get the word out.”

19. We propose consistent sets of activities—particularly in respect to institutional contact. Roller-coaster, stop-start efforts are clearly not the way to get the job done.

20. We offer a clear but inexpensive way to get some mileage out of your shareholder annual report.

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