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GP15Jun05: Of Our Company Index

Dear Reader:

We want to make you fully aware of our Company Index.  In it, we list every company that we talk about on the Global Province, telling you where on the site you can find the citations.   Here is a small extract (numbers correspond to item numbers on pages):

Federal Express Agile Companies 106, 170
  Letters 8/5/2002, 10/2/02, 12/24/02
General Electric Agile Companies 100, 129, 195, 213, 217
  Big Ideas 58, 130, 166
  Letters 1/29/03, 4/2/03, 7/16/03, 8/20/03, 9/10/03, 11/19/03
Land's End Agile Companies 180
  Best of Class 234
  Letters 1/8/03
  Two Rivers 94
Southwest Airlines Agile Companies 118, 141, 144
  Letters 1/14/2002, 7/1/02, 9/18/02, 10/30/02
United Grain Growers Agile Companies 90
  Letters 2/11/02

To find the complete index, kindly go to the Global Province Company Index.

We also maintain a special section on Wal-Mart, since we consider it  to be the company that is most driving economic activity in the early 21st century.  See Watching Wal-Mart.

We will be soon exhaustively updating the index, adding the many other companies on the site that we have not yet included.

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