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GP2September:  Bests, Greats, & Other Superlatives

Global Bakery.  Last week we added the whole story about Guglhupf in our Best of Triangle Section.  We have said already that it was the one world-class bakery in the Raleigh-Durham area.  But we have expanded on that because we wanted to talk about the origins of good taste and excellence.  In the case of this bakery, the key to its excellence lies in the fact that two very talented Germans moved from Europe to the Triangle and brought with them their various rigorous standards.  It's a template for other areas of the country that want to create value-added development:  more jobs and a better economy result when you concentrate on importing talent instead of bricks and mortar.  This bakery is just another example of knowledge transfer, where something substantial results when you import skills, good taste, and dogged persistence into a region.

Great Companies.  We also posted last week a list of the companies that can be found on this site which we will try to keep up-to-date.  Many, but certainly not all, are companies that have demonstrated agility, excellence, and a yen to do something new and different.  But, for contrast, there are certainly many dogs as well.

Best of Class.  A while back we sorted through out Best of Class section and made special indexes of items that particularly interest readers, such as the Best Hotels, Best Spices, Best of New York, etc.  You will want to pour through those special categories, which you can reach through the regular Best of Class page.  Soon we will also be posting some of them on the front page of this site.

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