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September 11, 2000—New Shades of Green

We have previously mentioned to you that company after company, institution after institution, are rebranding themselves to show they are alive and kicking in this New Millennium.

Just this week Investor's Business Daily headlined the facelift of Compaq--"Compaq Treats Itself to Makeover in Effort to Drop PC Kingpin Image," September 6, 2000. Compaq wants us to understand that it sells lots of servers, data storage systems, and Internet appliances and services.

What's interesting about this wave of repotting, however, is that the smart and agile companies are putting a lot more environmental green in their new look. BP radiates environmental consciousness, even admitting that we will have to change our energy ways going forward. Stonybrook Farms uses celebrities in its yoghurt advertising and then gives money to their chosen environmental causes.

Sundry hotels around the country ask us to forego soap, linen changes, and even excessive lighting in the name of environmentalism. Naturally, Ralph Nader has recast his attack on Corporate America under the Green Party umbrella.

We don't pretend to know all the reasons why the environment has moved into the front lobes of the national consciousness.  But the advocates for the environment are surely getting smarter, more eloquent, and just plain rational.  Take Eileen Claussen, at the Pew Center (www.pewclimate.org), who has rounded up 20-plus major corporations which share her concerns and which are pushing incremental initiatives that will slowly make a difference.  Or Ms. Heather Ward of www.cetacea.org, who has been on the stump for whales since she was knee-high to a grasshopper (and whose site we feature this week in Other Global Sites.)  Folks like this know how to be irresistible. 

We expect to see a continuous stream of green inventions gushing forth from all parts of our society. And we suspect more and more movements will be dressing up their theologies in green language. Hopefully all this will even creep into the lexicon of all the Internet people, whose vocabulary is pretty sterile even if it has a violent cast to it (e.g. "hits").

With polar ice caps melting and monarch butterflies disappearing, there will be a lot of green matters to talk about. Clearly we need to accelerate our transition to new ways of doing things (virtual work at home, micro-generation of electricity, biotech conversion of wastes, massive reforestation) to put us at peace with our surroundings.

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