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GP2Jun04: About This Site

Getting Off Our Mailing List.  We have had reports that a few people are receiving our Global Province Letter who don’t want it.  We have made it very, very easy to get on and off the list automatically, since we welcome readers but don’t want to send out useless, annoying email.  At the bottom of this page, you will find simple instructions, which we send with every letter, on how to remove yourself, to change your address, or whatever you want.  This is done automatically by a service named Media 3 Technologies in Massachusetts (www.media3.com), which maintains the list and actually sends out the Letters. 

New on the Website.  Occasionally we add new features to the website that you may not spot.  Here are a few.  First, we have taken to watching the good, the bad, and the ugly at Wal-Mart, since we think it’s the organization that most affects the global economy today.  You can find our thoughts at www.globalprovince.com/walmart.htm.  We have also created a Global Province Network, where we feature the best of the best—companies and foun-dations that you should know about because they offer good things and are run by fine people of character.  It can be found at www.globalprovince.com/network.htm.  Despite the short list, it attracts a huge number of readers, and we’ll be adding to it in time.  Finally, a new section popular with professional chefs and foodies is Best Spices, at www.globalprovince.
com/bestspices.htm.  For your interest, the most popular item there is the review we did of pepper grinders. 

Poetry and Business.  Because an English graduate student on our staff was passionate about Coleridge, we added a section eons ago on poetry and poets which has brought us into contact with poets from 14 countries.  We think all the world is slowly becoming more enamored of poetry because so much prose has lost its heart and its quest for the truth.  Perhaps it has become a tool for manipulation, rather than an organ for self expression.     

Just last week, the poet of Wall Street, Eugene Schlanger, sent us his “Meditation in Time of War,” just in time for Memorial Day. We cite the first stanza:

I know an old soldier who is deaf in one ear
From the artillery that he discharged towards
An earlier foe in an earlier political war. 

Obviously Mr. Schlanger sees war through a political lens.  Interestingly, more and more poetry we see is not about the gods or lyric escape.  Rather it wrestles angrily or mournfully with the vicissitudes of the present.  We hope that your own Memorial Day took you far away from all battlefields.  We miss today our Global Province Laureate, Tom Canning of Sea Cliff, who brought a lot of merriment to our site.  (See, for instance, Item 32 in Business and Poetry).  The words of this Old Soldier will never die.

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