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April 16, 2001—Web Sharing

Off to the Louvre. Perhaps six or eight years ago, a SMU professor friend took me off to his office for a trip to the Louvre via the Internet (www.louvre.fr). I think he knew we'd always be in touch with each other if he got he started on the Web. And he was right. Today our emails shoot back and forth, covering everything from the best in French hotels to best sources on website development--a virtual connection that remains between us well after we have both moved on from Dallas.

Collaboration Everywhere. Academics mixed up with DARPA got the Internet rolling to make sure everybody everywhere could collaborate about everything. That has remained the essence of the Web.

The academy still best understands the uses of the Internet, despite the efforts of business and government to adjust. It's a lousy propaganda tool, and advertisers strike out big time in this medium. It is a wondrous forum for those who want to lay all their cards on the table in order to get to see the other guy's game. It is far better for moving knowledge than for moving products, leveraging minds instead of pocketbooks.

Kindlmann's Years of Sharing. It's the place to share a thought if you have one. Peter J. Kindlmann, Professor of Electrical Engineering and other things at Yale, has more than one. Once or twice a week you can get a quick take from him if you sign up for his e-mailings. On April 11, he passed on some wisdom about mumbo jumbo from NYU writing instructor Tom Schachtman, who's written a book -- The Inarticulate Society -- showing how experts in everything use gooblygood to keep us under their thumbs. On another occasion, Kindlmann points out what scientists can decipher from Lady Hamilton's portrait. In other words, engineer Kindlmann ranges pretty far afield--Yale education at its best, as provided on the Internet.

You will find Kindlmann on our free newsletter list this week on the Global Province under "Other Global Sites."

Gods, Heroes, and Legends. And per our promise last week, here we have fired an opening salvo on heroes. Our trial balloon is a little paean about the first guys to make it around the world in a balloon in twenty days. And, of course, we include a website to really get you into ballooning.


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