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December 22, 2000Santa Will Be on Time; Get a Big Rest

Waiting for three extra hours at LaGuardia yesterday, I felt overjoyed that Santa does not have to pay heed to the air-traffic control system.  Ten years of infrastructure neglect throughout the Federal domain has left us citizens in a pickle, whether we are airline passengers, gridlock victims in busy urban areas unwillingly parked in our cars, or disease victims in some new epidemic categories.  But Santa will get through just like the Pony Express.

Hope you caught our Poet Laureate's celebration of wayward smokers this week (Poetry and Business #24), especially if you are from California.  Californians, now banned from smoking practically everywhere and soon to be without electric power--both due to the excesses of wayward government--should especially enjoy it.  Our lives are being micro-managed by governors who do not follow the rules of common sense.  But we will fight them with laughter, seasonal cheer and, as recommended below, just a little lethargy.

Since I know you are tired, I wish you holidays filled with sloth.  May you relish days of apathy and heavenly peace.  As my New York cabdriver recommends, "Try a little Being and Nothingness."

We are certainly going to goof off.  Our next letter will be coming your way on January 2. 

One question.  What's your best present?  Naturally we have only opened a few.  But we got a great book on golfers from Mr. P in Dallas, and yet another old-fashioned glass Pyrex to make our tea water in the morning.  The latter is a collector's item ever since our friends at Corning got out of the housewares business to become ultratech. 

If anything humdrum comes your way, follow the good old tradition of wrapping a ribbon around it and giving it to some other friend on Boxing Day.  Thanks for your good cheer and active wit.

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