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MonongahelaA “River of Dreams, a River of Sweat,” and a Never Ending Novel Beginning Anywhere, Going Nowhere, and Ending Everywhere. 

Preface.  This is our unending novel.  Each chapter is written by a different author.  We don’t know where it’s headed, only that there’s no conclusion.  Read each chapter right now, dear reader, since the authors retain the right to change anything at any time.  One chapter already has been rewritten several times, before we could even get it into print.  First you see it, then you don’t.  It got washed down river.   

Chapter I.  “The Gasworks Gang,” by Linda Peterson—“In which Maggie, Having Left Her Husband Michael Behind in Berkeley, Tries to Take Her Books to the Prisoners with the Help of the Gasworks.”  

Chapter II Escape from San Quentin, by Charles Wheat—“How Towering Maggie and Midget Isabella Fuentes Break out of San Quention into the Unpromising  Land.”

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