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A helping hand for the diligent investor:

  • A Quick Way to Do Technical Analysis.  Stockbrokers, in particular, do look at  how stocks look to the chartists and technical analysts.  In general it helps to know whether the technicians favor or frown on a stock, because they look at some of the same things that motivates traders at the brokerage houses.  If all signs are up, then the traders start finding ways to accumulate stock for trading purpose.   See  In other words, the traders down in the pits and the technicians are simply looking at how a stock is behaving and  mostly ignoring what is happening at the company whose stock it is.
  • A Website for Value Investors.  Plug in the  stock symbol of the company you want to evaluate  and this site will spew forth your stock's intrinsic value (if it is in the site's database).  This is one way of finding out how much fluff is still in a stock's price.
  • Leading Indicators for Several Countries.  Before you invest in a foreign stock, you need to make sure that its home country is not in a tailspin.  One help is the  Conference Boardís  leading indicators for several countries.  Itís surprising which countries are doing well at any one moment.

  • A Feel for the Financial Markets:  The Bank Credit Analyst.  Several brokers use BCA as a way to see if markets are headed up or down.  Based in Canada, it is just far enough away from the hubbub in New York and London to maintain a decent perspective.  See

  • Portfolio Review.  Morningstar supplies you with a quick way to review several pluses or minuses about a stock.  You will reach here beyond the income statement.  For instance, you can make sure a company is not buying phony sales by, in effect, extending its customers too much credit. See

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