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8.   Vorwerk 98
Vorwerk is a winner every year, due to the machinations of its impressario - M. Piwinger.  This year's global book is about understanding and mis-understandings.
To reach Vorwerk, see http://www.vorwerk.de.

7.  Zindart 98
Zindart builds in China, but sells to the U. S. and Europe.  Its investors are largely in the U. S.  The essays by luminaries such as Letitia Baldrige and Ray DeVoe admirably serve the task of putting it on the map of U.S. Consciousness (see below).   In fact, this report appeared in Pam Sebastian's Business Bulletin column on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, September 3, 1998.  To request that a 1998 annual report be mailed to you, click here.

6.  Cognex 98
Cognex has done innovative reports for years at the behest of its very colorful chairman Dr. Robert Shillman.  The "Adventurer's Guide" for 1998 is no exception, creatively and convincingly that a down year financially was still an up year in most other senses. Looks low cost, yet highly creative. To request that a 1998 annual report be mailed to you, click here.

5. Intimate Brands 1998 - http://www.intimatebrands.com
A spin-off from The Limited and a holding company for Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret, Intimate Brands is fighting to become a brand name. This report helps, with bold graphics, CDs, product samples, and some racy photos that will energize the viagra set.

4.  Berkshire Hathaway 1998 - http://www.berkshirehathaway.com
The reports of the best investor of this half century--Warren Buffett--are now getting a little tired and a little boring. But they're still worth a read. Buffett now finds the stock market overpriced, but he's helped make it that way, putting ballast under some goliaths that are wobbling, such as Coca-Cola. The question is what do you buy--and how do you become a positive economic force--when you are the market. Do you just keep finding companies like General Reinsurance to own completely?

3. The Washington Post Company 1998 - http://www.washpostco.com
These folks are overcoming an ancient problem of the media--drearily written annual reports. For 2 years they have had their talented 40 or 50 somethings write about their jobs, and the essays read pretty well, even if the book prays for subheads--and the other copy needs to be rethought.

2. General Electric Company 1998 - http://www.ge.com
Always read these for the letters, and skip the rest. Even before John Welch's reign, this was the report you used to find out the current themes that compel the attention of American multinationals.

1. Herman Miller 1998 - http://www.hermanmiller.com
Every company that is selling design--of any type--should have a design-heavy annual report. Like Herman Miller's. And it's full of fun gimmicks to celebrate Miller's 75th birthday. It probably doesn't matter that it's a bit hard to read, since form here matters more than function.

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