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May 20, 2002Annual Reports 2002:  Long, Heavy, and Thin.

As Promised.  We have included on the Global Province this week our Annual Report
on Annual Reports 2002:  Long on Words; Short on Ideas:  Krispy Has Right Recipe
.  America's reports reflect a difficult year—and businesses are showing the impact psychologically and economically.  Most companies seem taken aback, but a few stand out because they have new ideas, a confident stride, or a well-wrought response to a difficult atmosphere.  Smaller capitalization companies appear less shaken, perhaps suggesting that many of them will have a better 2002 than their larger cousins.

Amendments and Suggestions.  Our readers are sending in more suggested items and, as well, are correcting some of our errors—all of which we welcome.  Thank you.  We are surprised how painstaking our readers are.  One just turned up a correction to our account of highjinks at Cal Tech.

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